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3 month VIP coaching program

    Free Diagnostic     
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100% Free: Face Yoga Diagnostic


During this call we will get to know each other and we will perform your Face Yoga diagnostic.

We will study your habits: unconscious facial movements, lifestyle and body posture.

We will talk about the changes you want to see on your face and we will do a face diagnosis (tensions, asymmetry, sagging areas ...).

Based on this diagnosis, we will discuss the goals you want to achieve and choose the best program for you.

  3 month program 
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 "Radiance of my Natural Beauty"


  • The image you see in the mirror every day is not reflecting who you are, and you want to transform your face.

  • You notice wrinkles and signs of aging that you want to reduce effectively and permanently.

  • You want to make changes in your physique: face and overall body posture to look younger, feel better in your body and be proud of your appearance.

  • You want to connect with your yourself at a deeper level: to learn to be in connection with your femininity and your inner-self in a mindful and simple way to nurture a permanent state of inner well-being.

  • You are ready to transform yourself physically and internally to be in coherence with the woman you are, to gain confidence and self-love in order to radiate your Natural Beauty.


  • A Face Yoga diagnostic: we study your habits (unconscious facial movements, lifestyle and body posture), we talk about the changes you want to see on your face and the goals you want to achieve during this program.

* For people who booked a free diagnostic call, we will go deeper and add elements to the initial diagnosis.

  • 11 private sessions (1 hour duration each) to learn and practice together the targeted poses that will be effective in achieving your goals. I will also share with you complementary techniques of relaxation, meditation, acupressure, lymphatic drainage as well as postural exercises. We will also learn meditations and breathing techniques in accordance with your Ayurvedic profile and your current needs.

  • 1 Gua Sha initiation session.

  • The video recordings of all our sessions.

  • A complete booklet containing all the poses that we will have learned together in order for you practice in complete autonomy.

  • 2 tailor made routines containing the poses you learned.

  • Support by email or messages throughout the duration of the VIP program. I will be available for any questions, if you need additional practices or to discuss a particular subject.

  • Before/After : Analysis of the results obtained during the 6 months of coaching and counselling regarding your next steps.


  • 1 diagnostic of your skin type to find out how to best take care of your skin.
    Diagnostic including a memo sheet and a recommendation of the best shopping cart for your skin - value 60€.

  • 1 cocooning kit of organic or natural skincare products to pamper yourself - value 30€.

  • 1 high quality jade Gua Sha (jade, rose quartz or clear quartz)- value 50€.

  • 2 videos of your routines : 2 recordings of the poses that compose your routines so that you can practice with my guidance at home - value 70€.


  • Improvement of your skin: your complexion is more even and luminous. Your skin is clearer, softer and firmer. The pores are less visible.

  • Rejuvenation of your face: your wrinkles are visibly reduced on targeted areas, some fine lines  have disappeared. Your face is deflated and more symmetrical. It is lifted, sculpted and naturally younger.

  • Physical changes: Your overall body posture is corrected, you regain your physical and inner verticality.

  • Change in your habits: body posture and facial movements. You will have taken conscious actions in order to avoid the creation of new wrinkles or asymmetry.

  • Integration of the fundamentals and principles of Face Yoga to be able to practice mindfully and apply the practice in your daily life for maximum benefits.

  • Learning of advanced poses to be autonomous with your complex daily routines. You will also be able to create new sequences according to the areas of the face you want to focus on.

  • Learning of complementary practices including massage, meditation, acupressure and relaxation of the face as well as the body.

  • Creation of a new daily rhythm to live in accordance with your inner harmony.

  • Confidence in yourself, in your appearance as well as in your inner glow.


PRICE: 1200€

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