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Feminity and Sacred Feminine

For me, the beauty of a woman is not looking like a Hollywood star but lies in the consideration and love she has for herself.

As a woman, isn't our deep desire above all to love, to be loved and accepted in the depths of our soul and body?

For this to happen, it is essential to listen to ourselves, to find ourselves and to understand what is the feminine within us. This aspect of us which is welcoming, receptive and passive at the same time. Discover that our vulnerability is our main strength, it is neither weakness nor submission. And I am not saying that is easy !

You may have noticed it already, but a place where a woman lives is naturally warmer, more lively and more intimate than a man's environment, which is generally more impersonal.

To be fully woman could then mean to receive and offer to others a space of heart and sharing. To be a woman would be to be sensitivity, intuition, premonition, irrationality, creativity, gentleness, warmth ...

On the road to femininity we hear a lot about 'rediscovering your Sacred Feminine' or 'connecting with your Sacred Feminine', but what does that mean?

What is the Sacred Feminine?

The Sacred Feminine is this energy, this essence that all women carry within them. An inner and physical strength fundamental to our balance as a being and which enables us to fulfill ourselves fully.

In Chinese wisdom, this feminine energy is called Yin. In this tradition, harmony is based on the balance between two complementary forces:

- Yin, black, which symbolizes matter, physicality.

- Yang, white, which symbolizes energy, the intangible.

Yin represents winter, motionless, cold, night, moon, woman ...

Yang, on the other hand, represents heat, light, sun, man ...

Each human being, man or woman, whatever their sex, has in them a Yin part and a Yang part .

Each of these energies holds an essential place. The feminine is the source of sensitivity, intuition, inspiration, creativity. The masculine meanwhile helps to implement, by accessing concrete actions to fulfill our desires.

The woman and the Sacred Feminine

The woman connected to her Sacred Feminine is a woman who is fully herself. She is fulfilled, feels free and in full possession of her inner power. It does not seek to please at all costs or to match any given image. She is just happy to be a woman, to be herself.

The other women are friends, sisters of heart, partners. The woman in connection with her Sacred Feminine does not feel inferior to men, nor does she wish to resemble them in order to adapt to their behaviour.

How to connect with your Sacred Feminine?

The only step to take is a step towards you: to accept and love yourself in order to radiate your unique vibration in the world with joy and confidence.

Here are some ideas to guide you on this journey on a daily basis:

- Take care of yourself: finding yourself beautiful or feminine doesn't just include makeup, beautiful clothes or other signs. This self-love develops little by little by taking care of yourself on a daily basis. This can be by:

- Relaxation or beauty rituals and routines: a self-massage, a good hot bath with essential oils, the practice of face yoga, yoga ...

- Special attention for you: know your skin type and buy appropriate skincare products to take care of it on a daily basis. The same goes for products for your body and for your hair. It is taking care of yourself in the daily beauty and hygiene gestures to make them precious moments of well-being.

To make a homemade clay mask suitable for your skin, go to this article.

- Moments just for you: 20 min break to read, to do a meditation, to sunbathe ...

The main thing is to give yourself importance, to pamper yourself and your body.

Ask yourself: How is it possible for the other to take care of me if I don't take care of myself first? It all starts with you.

- Listen to your body: what does it like to eat? Does it want to move or stay still today? What would be good for it?

To help you, you can practice the "body test".

To do this, imagine 2 possible options and pay attention to your body's reaction to decide which option to choose.

Let's illustrate with a small example: What does my body want to eat this morning?

- option 1: a smoothie.

- option 2: a bowl of muesli.

  1. First visualize yourself drinking the smoothie. Pay attention to how you are feeling: are you already salivating at the idea of ​​the smoothie? Can you imagine the future ingredients? On the contrary, perhaps you don't feel any desire for the smoothie?

  2. Repeat the same exercise with the muesli: Can you imagine its taste? Do you salivate in advance? Do you want to eat it?

  3. Of the 2 options, one will seem more appealing to you. This is the one your body chooses, and it might not be the one you might have imagined at first!

This exercise works with everything: the activities for the day, the destination for the holidays, the choice of clothes ...

- Release your emotions: it is important to express your present emotions but also to release past emotions. Unreleased or unexpressed emotions trap you and prevent you from being the best version of yourself today. They keep you in a past emotional state, which is not who you are here and now.

To support you, many practices are available such as EFT, sophrology, hypnosis, regular yoga practice, to name a few.

- Respect yourself: Connect with your desires and your passions. Don't go down a path that doesn't suit you. It's true, sometimes it takes courage, a lot of courage to discover and fully respect yourself, especially after decades of a lifestyle imposed by our society. To discover your desires and what drives you, you can practice exercises such as:

- Make a written list of things you would like to do if you were not working,

- Make a list of what gives you the most joy in life

- Identify the moments in your life when you really felt happy, in your place,

- Meditate by setting an intention such as: I want to discover my life path, I want to connect with what makes me vibrate the most ...

- Being and less Doing: it is important to increase your quality of Being in relation to Doing, which is an inherently masculine quality. Today, in our modern society, women often behave like men: do, always do more, be reactive ... This unbalances our inner energy, and those of men as well (but that is another subject! 😊). Try to be more here with you. Take time for yourself during the day, take breaks, meditate, come back to yourself, to your interiority, to your Being. There is no rush, things can wait, you are your priority!

Little by little, day after day, you will open up to yourself and immerse yourself in your femininity, your Sacred Feminine. You will see, changes will be there and you will become more and more in connection and in love with YOU.

Bisous Bisous


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