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My approach


The name Faceyogananda is composed of 2 words: Face Yoga and Ananda.

  • Face Yoga, is the fundamental practice of my coaching programs and classes. Those who practice Face Yoga are called Face Yogis!

  • Ananda, meanwhile, means "Bliss" or "Happiness" in Sanskrit.

The name Faceyogananda carries the energies of “Returning to the Self” and a “State of Inner Well-being” experienced through the practice of Face Yoga.

By reconnecting with your body and transforming it you also connect with your essence; who you truly are.

I believe that the source of our Natural Beauty is inherent within us.

But, how do you reconnect with this innate feeling and radiate it into the world?

How can you feel beautiful and take care of yourself?

Take a break, listen to yourself, pamper yourself, transform yourself and your environment?

I believe that our Beauty is beyond our appearance and originates from a feeling that is alive within us and it is my sincere wish to guide you towards your most authentic self and your inner light, that I created Faceyogananda.

Through Faceyogananda I share a complete practice that combines Face Yoga with ancestral oriental wisdom.

Face Yoga is a natural mindfulness method that helps you reconnect with yourself. It includes muscular exercises, yogic postures, breathing and acupressure techniques that release tension, reshape the face and effectively reduce the signs of visible aging. By combining this powerful and transformative practice with the use of Gua Sha, meditation, mudras and personalized lifestyle recommendations I share with you a complete and 100% natural Beauty and Wellness practice.

Thanks to this holistic approach, together we will discover your unique treasures.

I share with you a complete and 100% natural Beauty and Wellness practice

My sincere wish is to help you not only to reconcile yourself with your appearance but also with your femininity and your innate beauty. I guide you with kindness, dynamism and joy by cultivating a friendly and trusting relationship. Thus, at your own pace, you create your physical and internal transformation.

Step by step, you will notice visible improvements on your face, discover a state of well-being, regain confidence in your body image and in yourself. You will feel more like the woman you truly are.

This new state will transform your relationship with the world and the people around you. It will enable you to attract new opportunities and relationships into your life. For by connecting with your innate beauty and power you are radiating your unique vibration into the world with joy and confidence.

I help you through personal coaching programs as well as group setting classes and workshops.

Ready to re(discover) yourself, find yourself beautiful, feel good about yourself and share this new version of yourself with the world?

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