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Face Yoga

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Face Yoga is a 100% natural anti- ageing method which includes a series of facial movements combined with breathing exercises, yoga-like postures as well as acupressure techniques.

This practice changed my life and I'm sure it can change yours too! Because no matter our age, we feel young in our heart and we want our face to reflect this inner youth, right ?

This is why I followed Fumiko Takatsu's training, the founder of the Face Yoga Method. She created this world-renowned method almost 20 years ago and keeps updating it constantly.

How does it work?

Your muscles are the foundation of our skin and our beauty. Did you know that our face has more muscles than any other part of our body? Indeed there are about 50!

With Face Yoga, you keep your facial muscles in shape just as you would do with the rest of your body. This helps tone and reshape your face and effectively reduce the signs of visible aging.

The more you practice Face Yoga, the younger you look!

Moreover, this natural practice not only releases tension accumulated in your face but also in your body and helps you reach a state of relaxation and achieve a sense of inner well-being.

A holistic effect that takes care of you in your entirety!

Face Yoga includes:

  • A series of facial movements (poses) that increase blood circulation, tone your muscles and lift the skin of your face,

  • Yoga-type exercises that correct your overall body posture and warm up your body,

  • Acupressure and massage techniques that stimulate the lymphatic system, release physical and emotional tensions that promote the appearance of expression lines,

  • Breathing techniques that enable you to focus and relax not only your body but also your mind. Energy flows more easily through your body bringing you a feeling of inner peace.

What are the results ?

The benefits of a regular practice are multiple, Face Yoga :

  • Reduces the overall sagging of your face by lifting it naturally. Say goodbye to droopy eyelids and cheeks, your double chin and your turkey neck!

  • Reduces your wrinkles: by practicing muscle reprogramming postures, you reduce your expression lines (frontal wrinkles, frown lines). By practicing toning postures,  your reduce your wrinkles due to aging (crow's feet, wrinkles along the sides of the mouth - nasolabial folds, fine lines) and some even disappear completely.

  • Redefines the shape of your face: Your cheeks are higher and more sculpted, your lips are fuller and reshaped, the corners of your mouth are raised. This makes you look younger and more vibrant.

  • Makes your face symmetrical: It is proven that we are not born with the 2 sides of the face symmetrical. But as we age this asymmetry becomes more obvious, due to our habits (position of the head when sleeping, the side of the mouth on which we chew food for example) and our face can appear more and more asymmetrical as we aged. Thanks to specific postures, you will find better alignment and therefore harmony on your face.

  • Restores the vitality of your face: Your eyes are more open and you have less bags and dark circles under your eyes, your smile is bigger and more natural.

  • Improves the quality of your skin: Your complexion is more even and more radiant. Your skin becomes firmer, softer and smoother.

  • Enables you to (re)gain self-confidence: with more confidence in your smile and in your appearance, you will create a feeling of inner well-being and you regain confidence in yourself!

My BEFORE/AFTER pictures

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