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About me


My name is Marie and I am a Natural Beauty Coach, certified Face Yoga and Face Gua Sha teacher, also trained in Yin Yoga and the basics of Ayurveda.

I changed my life at the end of 2016 after  almost 15 years working as a project manager in telecom and sustainable development. The corporate environment focused on performance, profitability and the inhumane use of resources became unbearable. I no longer resonated with my job, my colleagues and my work environment.

I had to change my life...

I was 35 years old without a job and without a clear idea of ​​what I wanted to do in life. There was only one thing I was sure of; I needed a break to find myself and take time for myself.

But let's rewind for a bit.. 

As a child, I wanted to unravel the mysteries of the Universe: where do we come from? who are we ? what is the universe? how does it work ?

This desire pushed me towards engineering studies but it wasn't enough...

Meanwhile, at the age of 18 I started inner work on the path of Consciousness. First with coaching and personal development, then with more in depth programs and through continuous work to rediscover myself and reconnect with my true nature.
Ecology, connection with nature, choosing healthy and natural products are also a big part of my life. I try to live my day-to-day life in the most harmonious way I can to help our planet.

For years, I managed to keep a certain balance between my professional life and my personal life. But after almost 15 years in the corporate world, the gap between my professional and personal life became too big to neglect.
And it was at the end of 2016 that I took that leap of faith!

I was more than 35 years old without a job and without a clear idea of ​​what I wanted to do in life. There was only one thing I was sure of; I needed a break to find myself and take time for myself.

My mirror Moment

The "mirror moment", you know  it's one of those mornings you look at yourself in the mirror and you don’t recognize what you see.  It's SHOCKING to say the least!  I no longer recognized the reflection I saw that morning.  As if my face had aged and sagged overnight!  This was a profound realization for me, because I came face to face with visible aging. The image in the mirror was no longer reflecting the youth of my heart nor the energy I felt inside of me. Age had caught up with me without my noticing it. Where was the Marie I thought I knew so well ?
I couldn't continue this way any longer. It was not possible. I had to do something to infuse vitality back into my face!

This is how I discovered Face Yoga and my future teacher Fumiko Takatsu. I started a daily practice on my own through Youtube videos, and was amazed by the results that appeared day after day! I was also receiving more and more positive feedback from the people around me, who were telling me that I looked good, less tired and that my face was more toned.

I spent all of 2017 practicing yoga, attending various retreats around the world in order to discover new horizons, alternative ways of thinking, living and being.
This sabbatical year was necessary to reconnect with my true nature, my body and my Life's intentions.

I have always been very connected to my body, listening to its needs and desires to be in harmony with it as much as possible. However, this path of self-discovery has not always been easy for me to find it beautiful, love it or even be proud of it. Diving deep into personal inner work and yoga helped me immensely to learn to appreciate and love this process as well as myself.
This year "dedicated to me", helped accelerate my personal transformation and evolution. I created a new lifestyle that felt more aligned with my needs, established a regular yoga practice, changed my diet, incorporated well-being and cocooning rituals, and of course, practiced Face Yoga to rejuvenate my face.

I was creating a lifestyle that resonated with who I really was.

The birth of Faceyogananda

Following a year and a half of transformation, I experienced a big period of personal changes; changes which come with doubts, fears and their adversities. But during what seemed like a storm, I always made sure to prioritize self-care and continued with practices essential to nurturing my inner balance.
This is how I decided that I wanted to share with other women, everything that I had created in my life with all its benefits and the state of well-being that resulted from it.
In fact, what has always inspired me is seeing the people around me awaken to their potential, express their most authentic selves, and realizing that they can create the life they truly desire!

To be able to offer high-quality programs, in addition to my personal experiences, I needed to learn new skills (My scientific mindset was still there!).
I wanted to dive deeper. Into my yoga practice. In my understanding of lifestyle changes that had worked for me. And of course, the practice of Face Yoga in order to have more visible, long lasting results and to become a great teacher.

During that time, I had the chance to enter the Faceyoga Method's Face Yoga teacher training certification and got certified by Fumiko Takatsu (founder of the Faceyoga Method). I am also a certified Hayo’u Face Gua Sha teacher and I also followed Yin Yoga and Ayurveda Basics trainings. I continue to educate myself in various areas that interest me, which are complementary to what I am practicing because I like to evolve, renew myself and share this knowledge with you.

It is with all my passion, my benevolence and my joy that I guide you, through customized coaching program and classes that will allow your Natural Beauty to glow.

I can't wait to meet you!


Don'f forget, you are Beautiful and you deserve everything you desire

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