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With Face Yoga classes, you have the opportunity to practice with women who have similar desires and objectives as you, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Do not miss this time together!

We will be working with different themes in every class. For instance, it can be "deflate your face", "open and rejuvenate your eyes", or "release the tensions of the week".

The class usually begins with a short meditation to set an intention, reconnect with yourself and harmonize the group. Then we practice together the poses related to the theme of day.

The class is very interactive, I answer all your questions!

Each class is recorded. I will be sending the video to everyone who attended the class and also to those who registered for the class but couldn't be live with us. The replay will be available for 2 weeks.

All classes are done online using zoom. You will need a webcam so that I can guide you precisely when practicing the poses.


Duration of the class: 60 minutes


Prices :

  • Drop in class: 20€ /2,500¥ 

  • 5 classes pack: 75€ /9500¥

  • 10 classes pack: 125€ /15 000¥

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