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Coaching programs

  • You are  willing to take care of your skin on a daily basis, but you don't know where to start or which beauty products are best for you?

  • You do not recognize the image you see in the mirror every day. It does not reflect who you are. Yet, you want to look younger with a healthy glow,  a toned skin and be proud of your appearance?

  • You are very busy in your daily life, maybe you overwork, you can even feel overwhelmed sometimes and you would love to take time just for yourself?​

  • You want to learn how to connect with yourself and your femininity in a mindful, natural and simple way to develop a long-lasting inner well-being?

My coaching programs are tailor-made and here to help you achieve your goals smoothly and at your own pace.

We all have a different physique and face, different non-verbal expressions, different life story. That is what makes us unique and this is why my customized programs are tailor-made and adapted to each one of you.

Through personal coaching I guide you towards accessing your Femininity and your Natural Beauty in order for you to regain confidence not only in your appearance but also in yourself.

Together step by step, we will transform your physique, mindset and your state of being.

All sessions are done online using zoom. You will need a webcam so that I can guide you precisely during the practice.

First, with a short session:

  • 2 hour session, First steps towards my Natural Beauty, for those of you who want to take care of you on a daily basis with the best products for your skin.

1ers pas_edited.jpg
First steps towards
my Natural Beauty    

And with several long-term programs:

Based on your Face Yoga diagnostic, I develop a complete program that fits you 100%, taking into account your physical constitution, your age, your personality, your desires and your goals.

  • 1 month coaching program, Discovery of my Natural Beauty, for those of you who want to take the first steps towards visible transformation that you wish to see on your face.

  • 2 month coaching program, Reconnection with my Natural Beauty, for those of you who want to put your energy in creating the changes you want to see on your face and on your inner state.

  • 3 month VIP coaching program, Radiance of my Natural Beauty, for those of you who are ready to transform yourself physically and internally to be in harmony with the woman you are, to increase your self-love and confidence in order to radiate your Natural Beauty.

In addition, in each program you will get BONUSES and many other gifts and surprises!

lotus bouton_edited.jpg
of my Natural Beauty
lotus moitie_edited.jpg
with my Natural Beauty
lotus full_edited.jpg
of my Natural Beauty

Are you hesitating between several coaching programs?

Book now your 100% free diagnostic call to explore together which is the best program for you!

  • Private follow-up sessions. Only for those who have already followed a long-term coaching program, these classes ensure a continuity of guided exercises, help to deepen your practice and enrich your knowledge by learning new poses and techniques.

    • One class: 80€

    • Pack 5 classes: 250€

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