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1 month coaching program

     Free Diagnostic    
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100% Free: Face Yoga Diagnostic


During this call we will get to know each other and we will perform your Face Yoga diagnostic.

We will study your habits: unconscious facial movements, lifestyle and body posture.

We will talk about the changes you want to see on your face and we will do a face diagnosis (tensions, asymmetry, sagging areas ...).

Based on this diagnosis, we will discuss the goals you want to achieve and choose the best program for you.

  1 month program 
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"Discovery of my Natural Beauty" 


  • You find that your face is tired, sagging and you want to look younger and more fresh.

  • You want to take more care of yourself and your physique.

  • You are very busy in your daily life, maybe you overwork, you can even feel overwhelmed sometimes and you want to learn how to take time for yourself.

  • You want to regain confidence in your appearance.

  • You want to discover your Natural Beauty, your femininity and feel better.

  • You are ready to take the first steps towards the physical changes you want to see on your face.



  • 1 Face Yoga diagnostic: we study your habits (unconscious facial movements, lifestyle and body posture), we talk about the changes you want to see on your face and the goals you want to achieve during this program.

* For people who booked a free diagnostic call, we will go deeper and add elements to the initial  diagnosis.

  • 5 private sessions (1 hour duration each) to learn and practice together the poses that are effective in achieving the results your are aiming for. I will also share with you additional techniques of relaxation, meditation and acupressure.

  • The video recordings of all our sessions.

  • A complete booklet containing all the poses that we will have learned together for you to practice in total autonomy.

  • Support by email or message throughout the duration of the program. I will be available for all your questions.

  • Before/After: Analysis of the results obtained during the month of coaching and counselling regarding your next steps.


  • 1 organic and natural surprise in your mailbox !



  • Improvement of your skin: your complexion is more even and luminous. Your skin is clearer, softer and firmer.

  • Rejuvenation of your face: your face is deflated and more relaxed. It is naturally more expressive and lifted. Your wrinkles start to disappear.

  • Physical changes: Your overall body posture is improved.

  • Awareness of your body posture habits as well as facial movements which cause premature aging.

  • Integration of the fundamentals of Face Yoga practice for you to consciously practice simple poses.

  • Learning of Face Yoga Poses to be autonomous with a simple routine.

  • Dedication of time just for yourself to generate your space of inner well-being.

  • Confidence in your physique. You will feel better and happier  to see the improvements on your face.

PRICE: 550€

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