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In our busy and modern world that asks a lot from us, meditation has become essential for me and my inner balance. It helps me to reconnect with myself, my interiority and to what is happening within me in this very moment in order to bring more Consciousness to it. Little by little, the inner silence takes place and I feel more connected with my true Being. I won't lie, there are days which it is easier and more accessible than others. But it doesn't matter! Meditation is part of my life regardless of my inner weather: big blue sky or tropical storm!

In recent years, several studies performed across the world have demonstrated many benefits brought by the practice of meditation: reduction of stress, reduction of anxiety, improvement of emotional health and self-awareness are just some of them. 

Meditation and Face Yoga

From a physical point of view, focusing on our breathing relaxes and resets our mind as well as our body. When we breath normally we do not completely exhale the air from our lungs. Still, deep breaths help replace the CO2 that has been accumulated with fresh and oxygenated air which creates energy, fuels the muscles, flushes out toxins, and strengthens the immune system. Therefore, this deep breathing promotes better blood circulation in the body and in the face, which is one of the very important factors of a young face.

From a mental and an emotional point of view, meditation enables us to be in touch with our sensations, our emotional state and our thoughts. This will bring more Consciousness in our Face Yoga practice  and thus the best benefits both physical and internal.


The integration of meditation in my approach

With Faceyogananda I guide you through a short meditation at the beginning of each class.

Before starting the Face Yoga practice, it is important to leave your day and your worries behind, to arrive here and now, to settle down so that you are fully present for the practice. It is like chanting OM before you start a yoga practice.

This short meditation enables you to be present with yourself and to open yourself energetically so that your reap the benefits of the practice. Meditations vary according to the seasons, the natural rhythms and the energies of the moment.

It also helps bring harmony, setting a collective intention for the moment together with the other face yogis attending the class.

At the a short moment of pause helps to anchor all the benefits of the practice deep within you. You go back to your life with a more aligned vibration, more joy and confidence in yourself.

During personal coaching programs, we also do customized meditations, according to your mood and current needs, tailor-made meditations to support you in the best possible way.

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