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All you need to know about Fall fatigue and how to keep your energy up!

All you need to know about Fall fatigue and how to keep your energy up!

Autumn is finally here and well established... Bye Bye Indian summer and welcome the upcoming winter.

Perhaps you noticed that you feel more tired, lethargic or you have difficulty getting moving 😫... This could be Fall fatigue... Because yes, it is indeed a reality!

But why do we feel that way in autumn?

It is mainly due to 3 causes:

- drop in temperatures and arrival of cold weather,

- lack of sunlight

- diminution of daylight hours with shorter days

The thing is, it can last longer than you think…. Sometimes, until the end of winter for some people...

Therefore, it is important to understand the consequences and how to be able to regain our energy.

The first and, of course, obvious consequence is daily fatigue that stays in and doesn't leave you. You may even feel depressed or have difficulty concentrating.

The second one is hypersomnia: It is more difficult to wake up, you may feel drowsy during the day… This is due to the change in the secretion cycle of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Melatonin is our biological sandman that eases us into sleep. In fall, when days become shorter and we are less exposed to sunlight, the melatonin secretion cycle is delayed, which adds to this sensation of tiredness.

The delay in the stop of melatonin production unfortunately goes hand in hand with a drop in serotonin. This hormone, secreted when we are awake, helps regulate our mood and promotes a state of well-being. As the production of melatonin takes longer to stop in the morning, the quantity of serotonin secreted is less. This directly affects our mood: bad mood, loss of energy and vitality, etc.

Icing on the cake: the Huuuuuuuge laziness of moving our body and a noticeable lack of physical activity or sports. We are tired and clearly have less energy to give to our fitness class or other activity.

Certainly not a great picture, right?

I'm sure you're now wondering if there are any solutions to fight this fall fatigue...The answer is YES!

So, what are they?

First of all, the food

In fall we need to eat vitamins and balance with seasonal vegetables: squash, pumpkins, carrots, beetroots for example. For the fruits: bananas, nuts, citrus fruits…

Don’t hesitate to bite into a square of dark chocolate, as pure as possible, because cocoa contains many antioxidants good for your body.

Also, with the lack of sunlight, it is important to add vitamin D to your menus. You can eat fatty fish, green leafy vegetables or beans for instance.

Do not hesitate to add supplements to your diet such as: vitamin cocktails (B2, B6, B12, C, etc.) for energy, vitamin D for lack of sunlight, magnesium for fatigue for example.

We avoid : refined sugars which can give a temporary boost of energy but subsequently increase the feeling of fatigue.

Then, try as much as possible to maintain a physical activity, preferably every day and outdoor if possible, such as walking.

If you have a regular practice of fitness, yoga, dance, or any other sports, of course keep it up, that's the best!

Regular exercise improves energy and sleep quality!

Go outside... Even if it is freezing! Wrap-up warmly, stock up on vitamin D and get some fresh air every day. It’s a great way to fight seasonal fatigue.

Likewise, do not hesitate to air out your house or apartment every day to bring in fresh air in your home.

Another great thing to do is to reduce your stress. It is well known that stress increases oxidation in the body which is partly responsible for the weakness of the immune system and the feeling of stubborn fatigue. Relaaaaaaaaax!

Try to find every day, some moments just for yourself. It could be a good evening bath, 1 minute break, eyes closed every hour (set a timer, it's super effective!), a 5-minute meditation, a self-massage, some breathing exercises (cardiac coherence for example) … anything that helps you to relax your body and mind. Self-care is not a luxury but a necessity all year round but even more so during this transition season!

And finally, the bonus to boost you in gray and gloomy days: spend time with your loved ones. Your family, friends, pets, it’s really good for the spirit!

Now, you have all the cards in hand to have a good fall and an excellent winter!

See you in Spring! 😁 🌸


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