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Gua Sha: the ultimate guide

Gua Sha: the ultimate guide

AAll there is to know about Gua Sha

Today let’s focus on Gua Sha, all its properties and benefits for our beauty and health. In this article, we will go in depth on what a Gua Sha is, how it works, its effects as well as a the different Gua Sha and how to maintain their properties.


So, let’s dive in!

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha (pronounced ‘gwah shah) is a traditional Chinese therapeutic healing technique that is thousands of years old.

It is performed by using a round-edge tool on the skin until it becomes red.Gua means to rub and Sha refers to the redness that appears as a result.

Gua Sha originated in the ancient medical traditions of China and South East Asia.  This technique was learnt by people in order to heal themselves. At that time, it was not so easy to have a doctor nearby and Gua Sha would help to relieve pain until a traveling doctor came to town.

Gua Sha was used to treat colds, coughs, flu, headaches, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, pulled muscles, injuries… It was also used to help to relieve stress and as a beauty anti- ageing tool.

The most common material was Jade or metal.

Today, Gua Sha is still widely used in Asia for the same purposes.


How does Gua Sha work?

Gua Sha works with the meridian lines, acupressure points, circulatory and lymphatic systems of the face but also of the whole body.

Gua Sha is truly a wonderful beauty and wellness technique when it comes to the health and appearance of our skin.

The effects are both immediate and long term and its actions are multiple.Studies have shown that Gua Sha Increases microcirculation by up to 400%*, bringing fresh nutrients to the skin.

It also stimulates the lymphatic system which flushes toxins and waste from the body.It releases tension and stress accumulated in deep muscles and fascia and relaxes body and mind.Finally, it stimulates the acupressure points of the 8 major meridians present on the face which are related to our whole body.Facial Gua Sha is a powerful practice for the health of your skin and your body. A way to  feel great and beautiful, in and out.

What are the visible benefits?As Gua Sha works on several levels there are many visible benefits to a facial Gua Sha practice.

A regular practice will increase collagen and elastin levels and therefore reduce fine lines.It also is a great technique to de-puff the face and flush all the toxins for a glowy and youthful skin. On the same note, it will soothe sore eyes and skin for a brighter complexion.

In addition, it helps tone the muscles and reduces expression lines caused by deep tissue contraction and tension.

Moreover, as Gua Sha is used to relieve pain, it will help reduce headaches, neck or jaw pain for instance.Besides, it is a very relaxing technique. The movements of the Gua Sha on the face are very pleasant and incredibly soothing for the body and the mind.

Finally, the activation of the meridians will help rebalance your energy, release body tension and strengthen your organs

It is a really powerful health and beauty practice, not to be ignored!


What are the differences between Gua Sha tools ?

Gua Sha is great but all Gua Sha tools are equal. In fact, it is quite important to choose the best tool for you and your practice!

Let’s first talk about the different crystals out there, mainly focusing on jade, rose quartz and clear quartz.

The most important thing, no matter which crystal you choose is to choose a crystal of high quality.  Actually, when heated, both jade and quartz are excellent conductors of far infrared rays, invisible waves of energy that can penetrate into the innermost regions of the tissues, muscles and bone.  Also, infrared radiation has been proven to increase collagen and elastin production. That is why, using a pure crystal is important as its energy goes through your body. Other materials such as plastic, glass or chemically-treated crystals will not provide the same beauty or healing properties.

That being said, let’s review the different crystals and their innate properties.

Gua Sha: the ultimate guide

Jade is known in Chinese medicine to be ‘Earth’s gift to mankind ’and helps to relax, rebalance and restore a sense of harmony. Jade is a stronger crystal in material than others, making it perfect for lifting and sculpting your face. You can use a jade Gua Sha tool any time of day.

Gua Sha: the ultimate guide

Rose quartz is believed to be the crystal of ‘unconditional love ’and tonifies the heart energy -qi. A strong heart helps for a healthy blood circulation bringing all the nutrients to your skin. A quartz Gua Sha tool is ideal to be used in the morning. A great other benefit of rose quartz is its cooling properties, especially if you keep it in the fridge, making it the perfect tool for sensitive or reactive skin.

Gua Sha: the ultimate guide

Clear quartz is known as the ‘Master Healer’ as it removes heat from the body created from the stress of the day, calms the mind and improves energy flow. The best time to use this tool is at night or before bedtime.


After the crystals, let's talk about the size, because the size of a Gua Sha tool is a fundamental element for its pleasant and relaxing use. After an extensive field study with various tools, here are my conclusion for a Gua Sha tool of the right size :-It has a good grip allowing you to manipulate your tool however you                    want- It has a large contact surface with your skin to lift your face and stimulate the meridians- It has a shape that fits your face well- It does not create extra wrinkles when you use it 


How to clean and recharge your Gua Sha tool Cleanse

It is very important to wash your tool after you used it. You don’t want to let oil, dead skin cells or bacteria accumulate on it.You can wash your tool with a gentle cleanser in cool to warm water and dry it afterwards.

Energetical cleanse

Crystals have the ability to absorb and hold unique energies, both positive and negative. So, it is essential to energetically cleanse and recharge them.

There are several ways in which you can energetically cleanse your tool. You can use cold water with sea salt or cleanse it in the sea or a running stream. You can also put your tool under cool water for 3 hours after cleansing. 2 other options are to let it outside overnight / behind a window when there is a full moon or to let it outside / behind a window in direct sunlight.


Energetically grounding and charging your tool

Grounding and recharging a crystal will ensure it has a balanced and stable energy.

There are several ways to do that. You can place your tool among the leaves and flowers of a healthy plant for 12 hours outside or 24 hours inside.

You can also use the ability of other crystals to recharge your Gua Sha by putting it on a large crystal that can charge other crystals, such as clear quartz, amethyst, carnelian or selenite for 24 hours.


As you can see, Gua Sha and Face Yoga complement each other very well! As Face Yoga, the key to Gua Sha practice is consistency. So, go ahead and start your Gua Sha journey!


Bisous bisous 💖




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