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Born over 10,000 years ago in India in the Himalayan mountains, Ayurveda is a complete holistic science. First of oral tradition, it was transcribed in the sacred texts called the Vedas around 4000 years BC.

Ayurveda comes from a deep understanding of nature and is based on the harmony between body and mind. It includes all aspects of the Being: the body, the soul, the spirit and the 5 senses. Ayurveda teaches us that to be in harmony with ourselves we must combine physical health with mental and emotional health. It involves understanding the lifestyle that best suits us by adjusting our habits, our diet, our environment and pampering our senses in order to be consistent with our own inner energy.

This practice offers many benefits such as reducing stress, eliminating toxins or improving circulation .

The integration of Ayurveda in my approach

With Faceyogananda I integrate Ayurveda into my coaching programs in order to give a new perspective of yourself and insight to your internal behavior.

A body which is stressed, tired or under pressure will lead to premature aging of your skin and therefore of your face!

I share with you lifestyle tips and practices to help you feel better in your body, your mind and your daily life.

Adding Ayurvedic knowledge to the practice of Face Yoga helps to transform yourself and your environment.

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