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Yin Yoga


Yin-Yang is the concept of duality forming a whole. Yin refers to feminine energies and Yang refers to masculine energies.

In our daily life we see examples of Yin and Yang all around us: night (Yin) and day (Yang), cold (Yin) and hot (Yang), low (Yin) and high (Yang), rest (Yin) and movement (Yang).

Yin Yoga was founded in the late 1970s by martial arts expert and Taoist yoga teacher Paulie Zink. Later, Paul Grilley added concepts and theories of Indian yoga philosophy and thus greatly contributed to its deployment worldwide.

Yin yoga is based on poses that favor immobility to promote growth, eliminate energy blockages and improve blood circulation.

The integration of Yin Yoga in my approach

With Faceyogananda I add some knowledge from Yin Yoga (Fonctioning of the facias, joints, skeleton…) in all the poses that work on the overall body posture. When it comes to the body, it's all connected! This knowledge provides an additional aspect that complements the facial poses.

I also use the knowledge of meridians to make acupressure poses more effective.

Finally, during workshops I really like to integrate simple yin yoga postures to bring deep relaxation to the whole body, which allows a better integration of the practice.

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