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The benefits of brown rice coffee

Café de riz brun

I haven't drunk coffee in years. I loved it since I was a teenager, you know the traditional French "café au lait". As an adult, I used to drink coffee every day, in the morning, after lunch and also in the afternoon.

But when I was in my late 20's, my body started to not digest it well and drinking it became more and more complicated. I switched to tea in the morning and afternoon, keeping only after lunch coffee (of course !). Rapidly, even that became too much and I decided to completely quit drinking coffee.

From that moment on, my quest for the best coffee substitute began!

I've tried loooooots of them! Most often these substitutes are chicory and cereals based. Unfortunately, I never found a taste close to the taste of coffee and very often I even found a bitter aftertaste that I didn't enjoy at all.

I was never satisfied with these products, and in the end, I gave up ... Until living in Japan, I was introduced to "Genshin coffee" (THANK YOU ! ). For me, this is really the best alternative for people who don't drink coffee but love the taste of it.

That's why I want to share this discovery with you!

What is Genshin coffee?

It is a "coffee" made from grilled Japanese brown rice, called "Genshin". Brown rice is a complete food, rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber. In Japan, it has been used since ancient times, especially as a remedy.

The benefits of brown rice

Brown rice is rich in phytate, a complex form of phosphate and inositol. In the body, phytate breaks down and transforms into minerals and phytic acid.

Phytic acid helps detoxify the body because it combines with harmful toxins that will be naturally eliminated.

In brown rice, we also find gamma oryzanol, known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also brings many benefits to the body, such as improving blood circulation, lowering cholesterol, and preventing brain degradation.

How is made Genshin coffee ?

The premium brown rice is slowly and gently roasted at an optimum temperature to give its powerful aroma. The roasting process deactivates rice germination inhibitors (abscisic acid) while preserving phytic acid and gamma oryzanol, beneficial components of brown rice.

The roasted rice is then ground to become a powder (more or less fine) that contains all the nutrients offered by whole grains.

This coffee therefore does not contain caffeine or gluten and can be consumed by everyone including children, pregnant women or people, like me, who can no longer digest coffee.

In addition it is good for our body and for our health!

Where to find brown rice coffee?

I highly recommend the "Genshin Coffee" from theJapanese brand 供 TOMO. 100% organic and without additives, I love its taste!

供 TOMO highlights the roots and generosity of Japanese nature on a daily basis and makes us live to the rhythm of the land of the Rising Sun with healthy and natural products used in Japan since Antiquity.

What is also good is that you can choose the packaging of your coffee: small teabags (as in the photo), in a box, in individual ground bags ...

In addition, their site is in English, they deliver worldwide and if you enter the code FACEYOGANANDA you will have -15% on the whole site!

Don't hesitate to give it a try, your taste buds and your body will thank you!

Do you want to discover another Japanese health and beauty wonder? Check out my article on Hakka Essential Oil.

Bisous Bisous


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