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Summer Semolina Salad

Summer semolina salad

Hello everyone!

It's summer and it is hoooooooooooooooooooooot!

During summer we often want to eat refreshing food but not necessarily only vegetables and green salad!

This semolina salad recipe is perfect for the season, complete, very quick to make and above all delicious!!! It can also be made in a vegan version by replacing the feta with tofu or vegan cheese.

So, let's go!


Semolina salad ingredients

For 3/4 servings

- 250 grams of medium semolina

- 1 cucumber

- About 250 grams of tomatoes. I prefer cherry tomatoes.

- Some lettuce leaves, to be adjusted according to the size of your salad.

-1 block of feta – or vegan alternative

- Aromatic herbs according to your taste. I like to put some mint and fennel.

- For the vinaigrette: lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper


- First, I cook the semolina and let it cool. To cook the semolina, I use a super simple method, certainly not the real one, but it works! Put your semolina in a bowl and add a little olive oil. In parallel, boil (in a kettle or saucepan) the same quantity by volume (and not by weight) of water. For example, 1 glass of semolina = 1 glass of cold water. Once the water boils, pour it over the semolina, cover the bowl with a plate or lid and let it cook for 5 to 10 minutes. Then stir your semolina with a fork to avoid 'big lumps' -In another bowl, prepare the vinaigrette: mix lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs together. For the quantity of lemon, it is also according to your taste. - Cut the tomatoes into small pieces. If they are cherry tomatoes, I usually cut them in 4 and add them to the vinaigrette so that the tomato juice mixes with the sauce. - Cut the cucumber lengthwise. I never peel cucumbers, but if you want to, that's fine. On the other hand, I always remove the seeds with a spoon by scraping the inside of the vegetable because they are difficult to digest. Then, cut the cucumber into small pieces and add it to the tomatoes. - Take a few lettuce leaves and thinly slice them. - Cut the feta then add the salad and the feta to the tomatoes and cucumber.

- Mix everything well.

Semolina salad

Then, you just need to add the cooled semolina and adjust the seasoning if necessary

Et voila, Bon Appétit !

Bisous bisous

Marie de faceyogananda


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