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Jala Neti

Have you heard about Jala Neti?

Originating from India, nose cleansing is a yogic tradition for more than 5,000 years. “Jala Neti” which means “nasal cleansing with water” in Sanskrit, is the oldest form of nasal irrigation. It is a tradition of Ayurvedic yoga from ancient India developed by yogis in order to stay healthy (without diseases) and especially in order to use the breath for their yogic practices (pranayama) without any blockages. It is one of the six purification procedures or "Shatkarmas" mentioned in Hatha Yoga Pradeepika.

It consists of cleansing the nasal cavities and sinuses with body temperature salted water.

Less aggressive than seawater sprays, Jala Neti provides a much deeper and gentler cleansing. You can immediately feel the impression of internal cleanliness and find a more pleasant breathing!

What are the benefits of Jala Neti?

I used to have a stuffy nose and blew it quite a lot... And at some point I really wanted to give my nose more attention and a better daily hygiene as I naturally already did for my body, my teeth or my hair.

So I started Jala Neti in 2019 and it worked really well!

I practice it every morning when I wake up and I find it to be very good for my overall health.

Indeed, this practice brings several benefits.

First of all, it is the best to purify and clear your nose and sinuses. Jala Neti helps remove foreign bodies like allergens, dust and also improves sinus purging thus preventing mucus stasis.

In addition, Jala Neti helps prevent colds and sinusitis. Practiced regularly, it can also alleviate hay fever and pollen allergies, combat the effects of pollution, dust and enable better oxygenation. It also has a preventive effect on nosebleeds by improving the functional efficiency of the nasal mucosa.

Other than the purely physical effects, Jala Neti also has a positive influence on all the sensory organs of the head. It strengthens vision, relieves eye fatigue and headaches, stimulates memory and concentration.

The frequent practice of Jala Neti will maintain a good secretion and purging mechanisms of the entire ear, nose and throat areas. This practice provides a relaxing and irrigating effect on the eyes by stimulating the tear ducts and glands.

Finally, the practice of Jala Neti helps to liberate the Nadis, the energy channels so that the vital energy (The Qi, thePrana,) could circulates more harmoniously in our body.

How does it work?

I first purify the water I will be using to purify it, and I let it cool to around 37 °C (99°F). You should feel a nice sensation on your skin when touching the water.

Then, I put the water in the neti pot with ¼ teaspoon of sea salt (or the salt sold with the neti pot - see link at the end of the article).

Right now I'm adding a solution made of plants and essential oils (sold with the neti pot as well) to improve the cleansing.

To actually perform the cleansing, I tilt my bust slightly forward, leaning over a sink. I gently place the mouthpiece of the neti pot over the entrance of one of the two nostrils and I tilt my head to the opposite side allowing the water to flow from one nostril to the other, breathing only through my mouth.

When the neti pot is empty, I repeat the same operation with the other nostril.

Before doing the second side, it is important to clear your nose by blowing it or simply by exhaling deeply through your nose.

The first few times, the water may not flow from one nostril to the other. You may feel uncomfortable and it may even hurt a little. Don't panic, it's normal! If the canals have been blocked for a long time, if you are coming out of a cold or have allergies, it will take a little while for the water to flow smoothly. You have to go at your own pace!

I remember that for me it took several days for the right nostril to let the water go through and at first it was just a little drip.

But it will certainly work at some point, don't worry!

Where to find your neti pot?

You can easily find neti pots on the internet. I bought a pack including a neti pot, the salt and the solution made from plants HERE. I found it convenient to start with and in the end I really like their products so I continue to buy the salt and the solution from this brand.

Try it to clear your breathing and enhance your overall health!

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