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Mirror, Mirror

A lot of us don't have the courage to look at ourselves in the mirror, I mean, not really.

And when we do, it's often our flaws that only seem to catch our attention: more visible wrinkles, the size of our nose, the 'obvious’ asymmetry of our face ...

That being said, I really encourage you to take time for yourself, alone in your bathroom to LOOK at yourself (I mean really this time !) and above all to COMPLIMENT yourself.

Every morning when I walk into my bathroom and see myself in the mirror, I talk to myself (Are you talking to me?).

I said short sentences like 'Hello Beautiful ’or 'I’m a beautiful person, I deserve the best’ or ' I’m hot today! ’...

It's up to each of us to find our tone because no matter in hich state we get up in the morning, self-praise is so beneficial to our INNER and OUTER BEAUTY.

Also, don't be too convinced of what's wrong with your face. As often happens, the part that you like the least may be exactly what others find most charming about you.

For example, I didn't particularly like my nose, from my point of view, too big and asymmetrical. Yet here in Japan, Western noses are considered super beautiful! Everything is a matter of perspective, it should never be forgotten!

Another example !!! Nostalgic trip down memory lane !!! That of Jennifer Gray, the heroine of Dirty Dancing, the legendary film from the late 1980s starring Patrick Swayze.

Honestly girls, who has never danced on Time of my life?

Hung up about her nose since she was young, the so characteristic face of "Baby" was totally transformec after plastic surgery. People no longer recognized her, she had lost her charm, her personality, her UNICITY.

So, instead of hiding or fixating on what we consider to be a flaw, let's try to see it as our unique characteristic and be proud of it.

To me, a beautiful person is someone who knows themselves and is comfortable being themselves as they are. BE CAREFUL this does not mean not to take care of yourself, on the contrary!

Taking care of oneself is an essential component on the path of Knowledge and Self-Love.

Practicing a physical activity, eating healthy (and sometimes not !!), taking care of your skin, doing yoga, letting your creativity speak, being on the path of Consicousness and self-knowledge, is , for me, to 'take care of yourself'. And, it's also important to be comfortable with yourself with where you are at today and who you are today.

The mirror faithfully reflects our image. Making it an ally in our daily lives, looking at ourselves with objectivity allows us to be more and more in touch with ourselves and to initiate actions for the physical and inner transformations that we want to see!

Bisous Bisous



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