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My Mirror Moment

The "mirror moment", you know, one fine morning you look at you in mirror and suddenly it's THE SHOCK!

For me, it happened when I was past 36. I got up one morning, looked in the mirror and didn't recognize the reflection of the person I was seeing. It was as if my face had aged and sagged overnight!


But what happened??? …

Where did the Marie I know go??…

I am old!!!!

It was a profound revelation because it was the first time that I had found myself so obviously facing the aging of my face.

Of course, over the years I had noticed the appearance of fine lines, like everyone else. But I was thinking "no, that's okay, we all have them!" or " as long as it's just fine lines, everything's fine! ", and of course, the world well-known "noooooo but I'm still young anyway! ".

But that morning, it was clear, with great stupefaction, that the fine lines had turned into wrinkles, that my face has aged and was clearly not as young as it used to be. It didn't reflect the youth of my heart or my inner energy anymore. Age had caught up with me without my noticing it.

I couldn't stay like that, it wasn't possible, I had to do something to regain my lost vitality.

This is how I took my first steps towards the practice of Face Yoga, which transformed not only my face but above all my life!

Of course, it enabled me to take years of my face, but it also helped me to reconnect to my femininity and find harmony between my interiority and my appearance.

And you, have you already experienced your mirror moment?

  • Yes, a long time ago and you may have given up ... you may be telling yourself that this is life we ​​are all getting old, there is nothing we can do about it!

  • Yes, not that long ago and you too had a shock or at least a pang of emotion.

  • Not yet, but you can tell it is just around the corner!

  • No, but you're still in your 20's, there is plenty of time.

Whatever your answer is, I can guarantee you that practicing Face Yoga helps to tone, shape and transform your face, no matter your age.

It's also very effective on a preventive basis, your future self will thank you for what you are doing today to take care of you!

Take time for yourself and transform your appearance to be in harmony with the woman you are!

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