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Our self-image

When I was three and a half years old, I was badly bitten in the face by a dog and almost lost my right eye.

This incident left scars on my face that are still visible today.

Still, it didn't affect my self-image:

I didn't feel like all of a sudden I became ugly, I wasn't ashamed of my face, I didn't feel diminished or "less me."

That was not really the same story with the famous Mirror Moment when I found myself face to face with aging. I had aged overnight, I wasn't young anymore, and I couldn't stand it, I had to do something!

However, the scars and the physical trauma of what I experienced as a child should have had a much bigger impact on my self-image than the fact of realizing, one fine morning, that my face no longer had the freshness of its 20 years.

So, what do you think the difference is?

For me, it comes from the fact that as a child I did not yet have any idea of ​​a self-image.

I was not identified with my body nor my face. So even though I went through a big physical trauma and months of recovery it didn't affect my self-image.

On the other hand, realizing at the age of 35 that I have aged overnight is a strong emotional shock because suddenly I no longer recognized myself. OUCH!

As we grow older, our identification with our appearance becomes so strong that this kind of discovery could make us suffer and could deeply affect the woman we are.

Does that mean anything to you too?

Yet let's be honest, we are getting older and older every day and our appearance is slowly changing. The thing is, we remain frozen in an imaginary image of us which does not seem to age until the difference between the reflection in the mirror and this mental image becomes too big... And there it is, THE shock!

As I often say that we are all getting old, but to me the goal is to age with grace, in harmony with who we are inside.

This is why the practices that I share with you will, of course, transform your face to an appearance that you like but also help you to connect with your inner vibration. This connection between your appearance and yourself will create a feeling of inner well-being and Love for you as a whole.

And I can tell you that I find myself much more beautiful and that I love myself much more now at over 40 than at 20!

And you, what is your self-image today? Do you feel in harmony with the woman that you are?

Bisous Bisous


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