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Hakka essential oil

Have you ever heard of Hakka?

I discovered Hakka, the Japanese peppermint, just over a month ago while on vacation in Okinawa. It became a favorite, I can't do without it!

In summer, when it's hot, my sensitive skin sometimes gets irritated and small pimples appear (not always in the coolest places on my body ...).

In Okinawa it is very (very) hot and hanging out on the beach all day doesn't help, I have to admit it 😊.

This summer, I decided to share my little concern with Kumiko, my friend I was visiting for the holidays. Girl talk!

This is how she told me about Hakka oil, which she has been using for a long time and works wonders!

Immediately I want to try it and use her Hakka essential oil spray before heading to the beach. Well try it and adopt it! It's really amazing how this little spray can be a beauty and freshness asset for women!

During the summer, I used it to refresh myself, to avoid skin irritation, as a deodorant, it really is a multi-use and effective natural product!

The properties of Hakka oil are numerous:

  • Antibacterial: Hakka oil has long been used as a medicine, against muscle aches, coughs, colds, itching ... It can also be used in cleaning products to prevent the appearance of mold and bacteria.

  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic: menthol will stimulate the nerves and make them feel cold. At the same time, it dilates peripheral nerves to promote blood circulation and cool hot flashes.

  • Antiseptic: Menthol is well known for its strong antibacterial properties.

  • Energizing: for a little boost after a heavy and washed down lunch .

  • Deodorant: for the body, shoes, toilets, garbage cans without any risk for young children.

  • Insect and vermin repellent: very useful in summer (especially in Japan!).

Now my little Hakka essential oil spray follows me everywhere and I use it every day! And I thus enjoy the blessings of Nature in Japan

Small tips for taking care of yourself with Hakka oil:

  • In summer: Add a few drops of Hakka oil to your liquid soap or shampoo for an energizing and refreshing effect.

  • In winter: Put a few drops of Hakka oil in a hot bath, it's great for relaxing.

Let's try it !

Bisous Bisous


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