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The best way to remove your makeup!

How to remove makeup well ?

That's a real question, isn't it?

With all the makeup removers available on the market, you could quickly get lost, and not all of them are effective, natural or friendly for our skin. Between gels, milks, oils, lotions, make-up removers for the eyes, for the face, there are so many choices that we sometimes wonder what would be the most suitable for us.

Actually, I've never been a big fan of makeup removers. But I have to admit that soap, gel or cleansing foam are often not enough to remove makeup properly and therefore we need a dedicated product. The truth is that makeup, sunscreens or BB creams are made of dense and covering textures that do not come off that easily!

The solution?

As far as I am concerned, I haven't been using a makeup remover for more than 15 years. Instead I am using oils to remove my makeup. In my experience, oils are the best solution for removing makeup properly before cleansing our skin. Oils gently but thoroughly remove the fat-soluble components of makeup and creams as well as the impurities caused by pollution and also excess sebum. With other makeup removers, you may leave a layer of dirt and makeup on your skin that dulls your completion and promotes break outs. Oils are also very nourishing and provide softness and suppleness to your skin. Depending on your skin type, you will choose different oils.

Which oils to use?

First of all, I recommend a 100% pure vegetable oil, without additives, preservatives nor essential oils.

For sensitive skin

For you like me who have sensitive skin, I recommend sweet almond oil. Rich in vitamins A and E, it nourishes, soothes the sensation of discomfort and protects the skin against dryness.

This is the one I use most often and I find it great!

For dry skin

I recommend avocado oil but also almond oil.

Avocado oil is richer than almond oil because it is mainly composed of fatty acids. Soothing, it relieves tightness and softens dry skin thanks to oleic acid.

For mature skin

I recommend the timeless rosehip oil. Its polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins make it the best anti-aging oil!

With healing properties, it also accelerates cells regeneration.

You can also use it at night as a facial treatment before applying your moisturizer.

For combination and oily skins

Jojoba oil is great because its chemical composition is close to the sebum of our skin. Therefore, it helps rebalance combination to oily skin, regulates PH, sebum production and protects the skin.

Non-comedogenic, it penetrates quickly into the skin and reduces the sensation of thickness.

For normal skin

For normal skin, Argan oil is a safe bet.

Highly concentrated in unsaturated fatty acids, it is very quickly absorbed by your skin. Nourishing and protective, it can be used on both dry and oily areas. Since Argan is non-comedogenic, you can use it without any risk of breakouts. On the contrary, its healing action helps to make them disappear more quickly.

You are not 100% sure about your skin type?

You do not know which beauty products are the best for your skin and your age?

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